Pharmacy post Covid 19

The Covid 19 Pandemic changes so many things for so many people in a short space of time. The role of the pharmacist in Ireland and abroad was no different to everyone else in this regard. Things that we took for granted that had to be done in a particular way suddenly changed overnight. Gone (well not quite completely) were paper prescriptions and instead, we discovered that emails could replace them!! Healthmail, to give it its correct title, replaced prescriptions so now, a doctor can send a prescription to a patients pharmacy of choice in the click of a button via the use of healthmail, a secure clinical email setting for healthcare professionals. This is a major step forward for how a pharmacy can operate in the 21st century. Before, we were often chasing doctors and their secretaries looking for paper copies of prescriptions we thought we should have but had somehow vanished into thin air. While improvements in e-prescribing still need to be rolled out, for the time being, your doctor can now email your prescription directly to your pharmacy.

At, we actively try and reduce barriers to medicine by the use of technology and by not extremely competitive pricing. You can access our online doctor service for a range of different services, costing you only €20. At, we can then process your prescription and have it dispatched to you within 24 hours. 

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