Caldesene Adult Powder 100g

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What is it

Caldesene Adult Powder protects skin against irritation and body odour caused by common bacteria and fungi especially in delicate skin folds. Caldesene is a medicated powder that can be used for the prevention and treatment of prickly heat and chafing. 

Caldesene Powder can be used to treat and prevent the following;

Heat Rash - this is where the trapping of sweat causes inflammation and itchiness. Applying the powder can absorb the sweat and help the rash heal faster.

Chafing – this occurs due to the combination of sweat and friction from clothing or body parts rubbing together. By applying the powder, you can help keep these areas dry and protect them against chaffing.

Dryness – as a result of containing zinc oxide this powder can also be used to help provide relief of dry, itchy skin, forming a barrier between skin and the surrounding air or clothing.

Cuts and Scrapes – this powder can also be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes, with zinc oxide helping to prevent infection and helps them heal faster

Sand Removal – applying the powder onto your skin after a day at the beach and the sand will fall away as the powder absorbs the moisture on your skin.

Adult Diapers – in the same way Caldesene powder treats and prevents diaper rash in infants and children, it can also be used to protect adult skin


  • Smooth a small dab on the irritated skin area
  • Repeat as needed.
  • To avoid future chafing, use prior to activity

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