Canesten Thrush Cream Clotrimozole 2% 20g

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What it is
Canesten Thrush Cream Clotrimozole 2% is our best selling thrush cream. This is a higher strength Canesten Cream used in the treatment of external thrush (vulva), which is caused by vaginal thrush. This cream should not be used to treat internal vaginal thrush. Instead, use an internal based product such as Canesten Pessary or Canesten Combi.

Cream provides soothing relief of external thrush symptoms
Relieves the itching feeling from thrush
Can be used by females and to treat a male partner
You Must Be Aged Over 18 Years to Purchase This Product

To treat the itching and soreness of the vulva, the cream should be thinly and evenly applied to the area around the entrance of the vagina, 2 or 3 times a day and smoothed in gently. A product to treat the internal infection should be used at the same time.

If your sexual partner is treated with this cream, the cream should be applied to the end of the penis 2 or 3 times a day for up to 2 weeks.

One 20g tube of Canesten Thrush Cream contains Clotrimazole 400mg (2% w/w).

Also contains benzyl alchol, polsorbate 60, sorbitan stearate, cetyl palmitate, cetostearyl alcohol, octyldodecanol and purified water.

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