Gaviscon Liquid Peppermint

Gaviscon: 600ml
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What is it
Gaviscon Liquid Peppermint Oral Suspension relieves the symptoms of reflux such as heartburn and acid indigestion which are common in pregnancy or after food.

Adults and children over 12 years, 10-20 ml (two to four 5 ml spoonful’s) after meals and at bedtime.

Warnings & Cautions
This product is sugar free and gluten free. You can take this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
Read patient leaflet and packaging prior to taking

Each 10ml Dose of Oral Suspension contains 500mg Sodium Alginate Ph Eur, 267mg Sodium Bicarbonate Ph Eur and 160mg Calcium Carbonate Ph Eur as the active ingredients.

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