KinCare Oral Gel with Aloe Vera 15mL

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The oral mucosa is a moist lining inner, which covers the entire oral cavity with an important protective function.
Most alterations manifest themselves in the form of inflammation or buccal aphthae. It is important to treat the delicate mucosa in order to not only alleviate the discomfort, but also to avoid possible superinfections.


The excellent mucoadhesive properties of its formula promote the formation of a protective film that allows a localized and lasting effect. KIN Care gel moisturises, tones and protects the epithelial tissue of the oral cavity.
It takes cares and strengthens the oral mucosa, especially when wearing braces and prostheses.

How to use

Topical oral application.
Apply an amount of gel the size of one or two grains of rice directly with a clean finger or with the help of a cotton swab, 2 or 3 times a day or as needed. Do not rinse. It is advisable Do not swallowto eat or drink at least half an hour after application.

How to use

Suitable for children aplication under adult supervision.
The possible ingestion of small amounts of KIN Care Gel during application, according to the instructions for use, is not harmful.

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