Lens Plus Ocupure 360mL

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Benefits of Lens Plus Ocupure Saline Large

  • Mimics the eye's natural properties
  • Removes impurities for comfortable wear
  • Gentle on sensitive eyes
  • Long lasting - up to 2 months

More information about Lens Plus Ocupure Saline Large

The Ocupure substance used in the Lens Plus Ocupure Saline Large has been found to have the same pH level as substances in the human eye. This allows your lenses to feel more natural in your eye, reducing the risk of irritation and offering a much more comfortable fit.

Produced by Abbott, one of the world's leading vision specialists, this is a superb rising product which mixes advanced technology with ease of use and will suit all types of contact lens wearers. If you do find build-up of protein becomes an issue with your lenses, you can 

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