Medicare Assorted Fabric Plasters - 30 Pack

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Medicare Fabric Plasters have a non adherent pad which will cope with most minor cuts and abrasions

Product Features:
• Hypoallergenic
• Strong and Durable
• Comfortable
• Non-stick, extra absorbent, non-adherent pad
• Ventilates wound
• Skin friendly adhesive
• Flesh coloured fabric strip
• Skin friendly adhesive
• 30 Pcs per Pack
• Latex Free

Medicare Fabric plasters are a comfortable and convenient way to keep wounds clean, ventillated and protected by providing long lasting, reliable adhesion. These plasters are conveniently pre-cut which makes them an ideal choice for any first-aid kit or to keep in the car or a sports bag.
Fabric Plasters provides lasting protection and are kind to sensitive skin. The adhesive used on the Medicare Plasters is hypoallergenic so is skin friendly and comfortable and won’t irritate the skin. Fabric plasters are durable and flexible. They have a strong adhesion and will protect the wound from contamination and infection whilst allowing it to breathe and heal quickly. The ultra strong adhesive ensures that the wound stays dry and clean while it heals.
The non-stick, extra absorbent, non-adherent pad ensures that the adhesive doesn’t stick to the wound, causing irritation. The absorbency power of the pad is high, so will cope with most minor cuts and scrapes.

4 different size plasters:
• (14) 19 x 76mm
• (8) 25 x 76mm
• (4) Finger Tip
• (4) Knuckle

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