Medicare Cotton Wool Roll

Size: 100g
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100% Pure Cotton Wool Roll

• Medicare 100% Pure Cotton Woll Roll
• Maximum softness with minimal fibre shedding
• Hospital quality cotton wool- BP Quality Standard
• Interleaved-easy to start rolls
• Good structural characteristics
• Pull string top for releasing after use

Medicare’s 100% Pure Cotton Wool Roll provides maximum softness, with minimal fibre shedding.

The Cotton Wool Rolls are made from the highest quality 100 percent cotton wool to bring you wonderfully soft cotton wool that is ideal for use on sensitive and delicate skin.

Medicare’s Cotton Wool rolls are easy to unroll and specially developed to be soft and fluffy. These convenient, interleaved-easy to start rolls allow you to gently cleanse and dry delicate skin without causing skin irritation.

These rolls are made using 100% pure cotton, which is soft and gentle, yet strong and highly absorbent. Carefully combed cotton wool is layered together into an extremely soft and fluffy fleece, before being rolled into a conveniently sized pack.
During use, the product is easy to unroll without sticking together and the required quantity can be gently torn off, without waste. The product pack has a drawstring for easy sealing and re-use.

This is the perfect product for larger cleansing tasks or quickly mopping up fluids, when a little more cotton wool absorbency is needed. This is a hospital quality cotton wool, manufactured in adherence with BP Quality Standards, and is ideal for cosmetic and first-aid use.

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