SensiKin Gel

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Tooth sensitivity causes acute pain in response to an external stimulus (food, hot or cold drinks, tooth brushing, whitening treatments, etc). It is very important to use appropriate products to treat dental sensitivity, since pain makes proper dental hygiene difficult, increasing the risk of suffering other alterations.


  • Potassium nitrate: 10,00 %
  • Sodium fluoride: 1000 ppm F-


Oral hygiene in cases where brushing is painful due to severe dental hypersensitivity or hyperesthesia.
Its presentation in gel allows a localized application in the affected area.

How to use

Apply the gel 2 or 3 times with the help of your fingers, the cannula or a very soft. It should be used after meals and it is recommended Do not swallow that food or drink be used until at least half an hour after application. The greatest effectiveness is achieved in night-time applications.


Sensi Kin Gel rapidly reduces extreme dental sensitivity of very sensitive teeth and maintains healthy gums

Dental hypersensitivity.
Teeth sensitive to cold and hot stimuli.
For painful brushing.
As a maintenance of gingival tissue.

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