TePe Plaq-Search Disclosing Tablets - 20 pcs

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TePe Plaqsearch is a plaque disclosing tablet developed by TePe that uses food dye to show residual plaque on teeth / They are an easy self-check method to show areas that need to be brushed bette

TePe developed their line of PlaqSearch pills as a complement to the regular tooth brushing routine. The chewable tablet uses food dye to colour plaque that was left behind after tooth brushing. PlaqSearch pills are a perfect way to self-check and improve the overall oral hygiene routines for both children and adults alike by highlighting problem areas.

  • Two different colour indicators: blue signals old plaque, while redshows more recent plaque / Chew a tablet after brushing and rinse mouth with water afterwards
  • Optimal for teaching children good brushing habits and promoting healthy dental hygiene / Perfectly safe and swallowable tablets
  • Helps prevent tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease by displaying where teeth have not been cleaned properly / Developed in close collaboration with dental experts and produced in Sweden

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